Our homes are ready to welcome you

With over 60 hectares, we have renovated 14 houses from existing ruins and still have a few more to go at a newly acquired part of the estate. Every house has a distinct and exquisite architecture set in different poetic landscapes, providing splendid experiences in each and every one of them.

Casa Principal

Up to 6 adults & 4 children

Ancient watermill converted into a spacious three en suite bedroom house that embraces the river and the valley

Casa da Torre

Up to 6 adults & 2 children

Our newest addition is composed of three secluded structures of cutting-edge architecture and a private plunge pool


Casa do Porto

Up to 4 adults & 2 children

Amazing two en suite bedroom house and spacious terrace with an eye-catching shade perfectly integrated into the meadow

Casa das Oliveiras

Up to 2 adults & 2 children

Located by the water at the center of the estate, this two-bedroom house with several vintage pieces is perfect for special family days


Casa da Medronheira

Up to 4 adults & 1 baby

Our smallest two en suite house is beautifully decorated and has excellent use of space. Crossing the road and river you have access to the rest of the estate

Casa da Gaiola

Up to 2 adults & 2 children

This very special house located on the northwestern tip of the estate provides an excellent getaway with a marvelous and poetic detail-oriented architecture


Casa das Figueiras

Up to 2 adults & 1 child

Perfectly integrated into our lush valley, classic and whitewashed, with fig and olive trees surrounding it, this is our biggest one-bedroom house

Casa dos Sobreiros

Up to 2 adults

Located just below the pool, this one-bedroom house is an all-time favorite. The eclectic decoration and the two patios create a perfect atmosphere for an ideal getaway

Casa das Pedras

Up to 2 adults & 1 child

Comfortable one-bedroom house with a beautiful kitchenette in graphic traditional tiles and a stone terrace facing the meadow and the hills perfect for enjoying a splendid afternoon light

Casa Poente

Up to 2 adults

This emblematic one-bedroom house sits on top of a hill and enjoys a perfect sunset as well as the amazing view over the lush valley and a small village

Casa do Ameixial

Up to 2 adults

Secludedly located at the entrance of our forest by the river, the beautiful Casa do Ameixial and its stunning patio present a more contemporary architecture

Casa da Abóbada

Up to 2 adults

Studio with special and exquisite architecture, with a vaulted high ceiling in the bathroom. The stone patio delights everyone

Casa da Pereira

Up to 2 adults

Our smallest option, yet with loads of poetry. Divided into two small houses; a whitewashed adobe bedroom and a bathroom in stone

“Expect eclectic decoration and an unsparing use of traditional tiles”